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Harpsichords Available For Sale

German Double Harpsichord

German Keyboards


Seven feet long, 33" wide, Upper manual: FF-a", 1x8' lute-strung, Lower manual: GG,AA,C-d3, 2x8' brass-strung, total range with left hand on upper and right hand on lower: FF-d3 (58 notes), transposing: A392/415/440, 6.25" octave span, both keyboards have two ranks of wooden jacks, no coupler as keyboards are offset a fourth, German apron stand with 8 turnings, Red Mallee Burl key tops with boxwood sharp tops, music desk, bench and padded covers for case and stand. This compact double is an excellent continuo harpsichord and is also capable of handling many solo works with a wide range of tone colors.

Harp Clavichord for Sale

HARP CLAVICHORD - Price $12,000.00

Upright lyre with metal strings, 35" wide, 21" deep, stands 7' 2" tall, 5' 3" transport length, weight without legs: 82 pounds, compass: AA-d3 (54 notes, BB tuned to GG) 6.25" octave span, jack-assist clavichord action (jacks can be engaged to pluck in unison with the tangents to boost the volume several times.) The sound with the jacks is more like a clavichord, making this the loudest clavichord ever made. A beautiful vibrato (bebung) is possible by vibrating keys up and down. Not transposing, 1x8', Brown Mallee Burl key tops with casein ivory sharp tops, music rack, 4 turned legs.

Clavicytherium For Sale


Upright open lyre with synthetic gut strings, 36" wide, 19" deep, stands 81" tall, 58" transport length, weight: 66 pounds, compass: GG-d3, not transposing, 1x8, casein tortoiseshell & casein ivory keys, music rack, 4 turned legs.

Theorbenflugel Single



94" long, 42" wide, compass: AAA-d3 (66 notes), transposing: A415/440, One metal-strung choir with an 8' range of AAA-d3 (66 notes), One lute-strung choir with and 8' range of AA-a3 (61 notes), Lute choir has two ranks of jacks at different plucking points (these may be engaged at the same time for greater volume and texture), Two middle C choices for either 8' with 4' or 8' with 16', buff stop on metal choir, Birdseye maple key coverings with walnut sharps. Plastic jacks and delrin plectra. German apron stand with five turnings. Small cracks in treble end of soundboard. Cracks close up in humid season. Includes music desk and moving covers for case and stand. Made in 2008.

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Lautenwerk Demo CD Available for Sale

Audio CD of these Lautenwerk

Featuring a Gut-strung Clavicytherium, a 65" Lautenwerk Single and a Double Manual Lautenwerk

Boston Harpsichordist, Andrus Madsen plays 24 tracks (55 minutes of music)

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Harpsichord History Book

A History of the Harpsichord Book

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