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Harpsichords Available For Sale

Pedal Harpsichord For Sale


78" long, 36" wide, compass: GG-d3, transposing: A415/440, 2x8', all brass stringing, pedal board clavicytherium is 34" wide, 83" tall, 14" deep, compass C-d', not transposing, 2x8', all brass stringing, music desk and padded covers for cases, pedal board and stand. Available individually: German single with 3 screw-in legs and bottom apron (not shown): $20,000. Pedal board clavicytherium with trestle stand and bench: $15,000.

Clavicytherium For Sale


Upright open lyre with synthetic gut strings, 36" wide, 19" deep, stands 81" tall, 58" transport length, weight: 66 pounds, compass: GG-d3, not transposing, 1x8, casein tortoiseshell & casein ivory keys, music rack, 4 turned legs, bench.

Lautenwerk Demo CD Available for Sale

Audio CD of these Lautenwerk

Featuring a Gut-strung Clavicytherium, a 65" Lautenwerk Single and a Double Manual Lautenwerk

Boston Harpsichordist, Andrus Madsen plays 24 tracks (55 minutes of music)

Price including shipping: $3. Shipping to Massachusetts add $0.19 Sales Tax.

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Steven Sorli, 425 Pratt Corner Road, Amherst, MA 01002

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Harpsichord History Book

A History of the Harpsichord Book

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