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Theorbenflugel Double For Sale Theorbenflugel Keyboards

Made in 2001 and in excellent condition. 83" long, 40" wide, compass: FF-g3, transposing: A392/415/440, 4 choirs of lute strings: Lower manual: 1x8', 4'(from FF-c') and 16'(from c#'-g'''), Buff Stop, Upper manual: 1x8', 1x16'(lowest two octaves at 8' pitch), no coupler, plastic and wooden jacks, new keyboards with ebony naturals, walnut topped with boxwood for sharps, music desk and padded cover. The divided 4'/16' combination is a feature found on Spanish Baroque single manual organs and is quite refreshing on the lautenwerk.

Click here for sound sample of the theorbenflugel double

Clavicytherium For Sale GUT-STRUNG CLAVICYTHERIUM - $15,000.00

Semi-open lyre with two soundboards, synthetic gut strings, 35" wide, 19" deep, stands 7'1" tall, 5'2" transport length, weight without legs: 82 lbs, compass: AA-d3 (54 notes, BB tuned to GG) 6.25" octave span, Brown Mallee burl key naturals with casein ivory sharp tops, not transposing, 1x8', music rack. This is the loudest clavicytherium suitable for continuo or solo on stage. Listen to sound sample on Sound Samples page.

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